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A Tango with my Shadow

Life is a colorful dance, music it's romance. Some captures of a dance I performed 2 years ago based on the myth of Persephone.

Her story symbolizes the journey into our subconscious underworld as an initiation further into our light. And still every day I'm dancing with duality, a tango with my shadow. Flirting with darkness, decay and death while bursting more fully into life, laughter and light. Swinging with the polarities, flowing with life's constant changing tides. To rock 'n roll with the underworld, while finding deeper peace inside. Throwing caution to the wind and welcoming it's throwback at me in return. It's all so real. And then again: what is real? These days I'm making an art out of turning my reality upside down, breaking my habits and routines. From rediscovering the place where i live, changing the routes to my home, to revising and consciously pulling myself out of the grinding patterns and stories running (in) my life. Step by step taking myself further out of my comfort zone, until i forget where it once was. I much enjoy allowing other sides of me to be tickled and giggle at my own discomfort and awkwardness. And meanwhile I reappreciate the parts of me that remain the same and were always and forever there, not going anywhere. I learn to have fun with myself and existence. To dance to her music. And become her at the same time. Just loving my dance of life, The darkness, the light, the silent peaceful, the wild, allowing myself to live and be all of it, more and more, bit by bit. Yes, we'll be teared apart, and it is part of the game. We'll recollect ourselves and again go up in flames. With my heart warm and open, the salt taste of tears and sweat on my lips, shaken and real, naked and free I will DANCE. Into existence

We are the force of life itself. ❤️


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