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..a name that was given to me after my visit to the Isis temple last monday 07/11, meaning ‘beautiful heart’ in the ancient Nubian language. A person who embodies and serves the way of beauty and harmony with love.

As I have been preparing for the Dream Dancing course ~ which is so much based on my lifelong experience with predictive and lucid dreams, creating harmony and accessing altered states of consciousness through dance and music ~ I find myself again strongly guided by my dreams during this journey.

The evening before we would visit the ancient Isis temple on an Island in the middle of the Nile river, I wrote:

“CRisis calls for the CReative spirit of ISIS.”

And that night I again received a very strong dream.

I found myself inside a temple and at another moment walking along the green reeds at the banks of the Nile when my soul took flight like a winged woman, similar to Isis and the winged spirit of Ba.

I was shown to sing and connect the realms of spirit and matter and to guide people to a specific place in the temple where Isis was sitting with her child on her lap.

Upon arriving at the temple the next day I burst into tears, as the temple was exactly how I saw it in my dreams and I could find my way there blind.

Without hesitation I walked straight to a specific part of the temple, finding the image of Isis with Horus on her lap, with the bird above her head.

The whole place displayed an absolute celebration of authentic feminine beauty, power and fertility and breathed a magical, light, celestial yet very earthy energy. Making me feel at home and filling my heart with such joy and gratitude, as sacred places like this seem rare in our modern world.

Although I’ve known for long that magic truly exists, it still fills me with such awe and wonder to actually walk into the landscape of my dreams.

And for the coming days, as the Dream Dancing course will take place with our beautiful group, even more dreams will continue to unfold.



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