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It was painful not to be heard in my hurt.. as a child and even an adult.

This will change for many, as more people are raising their voice. Big #savethechildren gatherings are taking place all over the world - join us August 22nd at 13:00 at the Dam in Amsterdam or in your local city. >> scroll down for an update of this article after the gathering.

Abuse of any kind is not a welcomed topic on many tables, and (ritual) sexual child abuse is a category on it’s own.

I was a toddler, it happened when we were still living in the Middle East. And for many years the memory of it was suppressed and only reared it’s head in nightmares, or expressed itself as hysteria, dissociation and other physical ailments.

It was my body desperately trying to express her truth.

My parents didn’t know what to do with me at times, which added to the chaos. Feeling misunderstood, confused and often being met with impatience, frustration, judgements and dismay along the way.

A gifted, sensitive yet also emotional child with such terror and anger moving in my little body.

All the so called ‘disfunctions’ where nothing else but symptoms of trauma. It was my body desperately trying to express her truth.

As a teenager the adults around me came up with all kinds of labels.. highly sensitive, highly intelligent, ADD, dyslexia etc.

All the so called ‘disfunctions’ where nothing else but symptoms of trauma. I know now, after years of consciously listening to my body, healing and becoming a loving parent to my inner child.

Now I’m sharing my experience in teachings, arts and therapy on what was one of my biggest challenges and gifts at the same time: embodiment and expression of my soul and consciously working with the sacred instrument of my body and sacral energy.

My mess became my mess-sage, by giving the sage within me a voice. My body / bodhi wisdom.

Consciously integrating my soul and body has led me down a path of true integrity. Deep listening to the wisdom of my heart and body and walking my talk.

The body has a voice, and I’ve been inviting her to tell her story and express herself through the medicine of dance, of music, of energy and voice work..

Healing arts that became an integral part of my life and the medicine I pass on in my work these days.

The wounded healer is like the medicine tree which bark needs to be cut open to source it’s medicine.

UPDATE: OUR COLLECTIVE BODY SPEAKS “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” J. Krishnamurti
Save the Children gathering Dam square Amsterdam August 22nd, photo Jamie Peeters

Saturday August 22nd we took a collective stand for this inhumane cruelty with a group of courageous souls in Amsterdam and other places across The Netherlands. Despite the Corona regulations, we still managed to show up with a good number of people and voiced a message for the masses by playing our drums together. Even with years of ninja training as a light worker, this topic is still one of the toughest gigs I've been showing up for in this lifetime. And during the gathering in the epicentre of established power in Amsterdam, it felt like lifting a dense, heavy veil of old power structures, collective programming and trauma that weighed down on us like lead. Lead that we get to transform into gold.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung

How can something this horrible truly exist? Some people find it hard to believe and turn their heads away. Ignorance is their bliss. Nevertheless this cruelty will not be cleared from our reality unless we shine our brightest light of consciousness on this to cast the darkness out. And we absolutely have that power. Profound research has been done on the topic of (ritual) sexual child abuse by Dutch media channel Argos. Their research has been filed in this online dossier. Dutch advocate Richard Korver supported hundreds of victims of sexual abuse and wrote a book about the topic together with psychologist Iva Bicanic. He states "Sleeping dogs? Wake them up! We need to talk about abuse." We don't speak about this topic. "If it would be called Q-fever or Corona then the people would revolt en masse." Interestingly these mass revolts are exactly what is prevented by current Corona regulations. Even though abuse like this points to a collective illness in our society which effects reach far beyond anything Corona could ever do to us. But our power fortunately doesn't stop there. The body has a voice, and our collective body and voice can make a big difference. Let's speak from our deeper truth and invoke the world of now and tomorrow that we truly long for. A world of peace, safety and harmony for all. And for the dutchies reading this article: Het hek is van de Dam.. en all er één Schaap over de Dam is... With love, Anthe Aelea

Save the Children gathering Dam square Amsterdam August 22nd, photo Jamie Peeters
Save the Children gathering Dam square Amsterdam August 22nd, photo Jamie Peeters


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