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Recently a campaign has been launched in the UK by ‘Her Majesty’s’ (HM) government that targets people working in the arts and suggests them to retrain for a job in Cyber technology. The original poster (upper left in image below) states “Cyber first” and is signed by the government. Very soon, creative responses like the other two posters followed up. And besides the humor embedded in them, they also carry a true message.

It seems to be the same old, same old story (which we have the power to consciously and lovingly de-story) of how our ‘modern’ governments tend to approach art as some kind of hobby that is not of any serious value to society. Also various Dutch politicians have voiced this.

Arts are largely put down or patronised by politics and economics, while they originally are an inherent and important aspect of governing and harmonising our life and society in connecting us with the divine through the engagement of our body, feelings and senses. However along with the arts, our soulful, sovereign existence and human bodies are also devaluated, while this is the greatest piece of art and technology that we will ever get to experience in this lifetime.

Your body is the greatest piece of art and technology that you will ever get to experience in this lifetime.

I found myself joking “why don’t they just directly tell us to become robots”, yet in reality it is a tragic approach that shows no conscious understanding of the true value in our world.

Every single piece of artificial technology - yes even your cherished phone - is in reality replaceable with our natural abilities.

I am speaking of our natural ability to communicate through our feelings and senses, intuition and telepathy, our ability for astral travel and lucid dreaming. Which are really not just special gifts that some lucky few of us have been endowed with from birth, but something we can all develop.

I am speaking about how our bodies are a natural generator of free energy through our Torus field. How we can positively impact our reality through conscious creation and how our collective bodies are connected through the Unified quantum field.

I am speaking about the absolute ingenius refined working of our physical body and nature in general that naturally operate in alignment and harmony with all of existence.

If only they would teach these truths in school..

If we leave overthinking and all conditioned thought patterns aside, our bodies naturally align with the Divine mind of Life. We are not ‘in’ harmony or nature, or ‘become’ whole or healthy, but realize that we ARE harmony, nature, wholeness and health itself. It is our true nature.

Our bodies are our sacred physical home. There is truly no better place to go in this world. We are love energy embodied as walking, talking, beating, breathing HEARTs.. pieces of true art.

Devaluating our sacred home, the piece of art that we and our bodies are, and taking the (he)art, love and soul out of your life in exchange for anything ‘outside’ of us like cyber technology or even money, is the last thing I would recommend anyone to do in this lifetime. What is the value of technology, money or any ‘thing’ if it does not support life, loving connection, health, happiness and true fulfillment?

Be home, fully embody your soul, realise the piece of art and peace of heart that you are. You are one with all of creation, let the (he)art and love inside of you flood and govern this world, instead of letting the 'outside world' overwhelm you.

Keep living as your (he)art. Not 'for' or 'from' any form, because thou ART that.

If you ever need any support in this, I am here for you. This is my service and my message.

Anthe Aelea


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