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Burn and Transform through Silence and Sound

Transformation can happen through heart inspired sound.

Here singing in front of our Burning Man parade last year as part of the Solipmission art project. A creative ritual infused parade of people dressed in black, painted in white bodypaint (by Nathan Phelps and me), drum and song on our way to the big mysterious black box. This photo also symbolizes something deeper for me however.. as the 'black box' - our Solipmission art project and reality experiment, and initiated by artist Daniel Rosenberg - may also refer to the empty space and void within ourselves where energy is transformed and something new can be birthed and created out of potent nothingness. The space where I am and become nothing, were I am no thing. This has been my most powerful mantra thus far this year. With being nothing, I empty and free myself of everything I ever thought myself to be. When I am nothing, I become formless and surrender and dissolve into the void from where all life springs forth. When I am nothing, I become one with everything. We were born from nothingness and will return to nothingness - or Shunyata as the Buddhist call it. Like in the wake of a dream, as our dreamworld disappears, and nothing of what we were, wanted or owned is left. Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey. For me this was the essence of the Burn from a larger perspective. And the burning itself continued burning away everything that does not serve my highest good. I'm transforming every day and minute, while finding fulfillment with an ever growing sense of love, peace, connection, power and joy within ✨ And this is also often the space where I feel music and songs emerge from, whenever I take a moment to drop into it. From the ocean of pure potent formlessness, a form, a wave, a sound ripples up. As much as I love playing with the power of sound and vibration in my musical journeys and DJ sets, these days I am again feeling a deeper call towards exploring and channeling my own songs and sound through voice.. The sound of my soul vibrating from within my own body-temple; a powerful expression that continues to enchant my soul and inspires a sense of awe as well as awesomeness. It is by and far, one of our most intimate instruments. Take a moment to tune in with the voice within and let yourself be inspired by the fresh breath of spirit blowing through your life..


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